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    International Finance Corpration Investing In United Water Corportation
    1 April 2015 Shanghai - United Water Corporation announced today that it had successfully completed its third-round equity financing, bringing in International Finance Corporation (IFC) as one of its new shareholders. Following the establishment of strategic partnership with United Water in 2012, IFC’s second-time investment in United Water embodies its recognition of United Water’s business performance and operation management as well as its confidence in United Water’s development. Olympus Capital Asia from USA has also participated in this round investment, becoming one of United Water’s new shareholders.
    The investment from IFC and Olympus Capital Asia will strongly support United Water in a series of investment in water projects in China and strategically boom United Water’s development. United Water will actively take good advantage of the opportunities provided by the country’s policy encouraging the development of the water industry, make larger-scale investment in water treatment and environmental protection industries, and devote itself to becoming a leading company in the water sector in China.
    About IFC
    IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries, owned by 184 member countries. IFC is a top international investment institution, possessing the highest credit in the international finance sector.
    About Olympus Capital Asia
    Olympus Capital Asia is an investment group company focusing in long-term equity investment in Asia. Since its establishment, Olympus Capital Asia has been managing assets worth around US$ 2 billion. It has invested in 40 companies in Asia-Pacific region, focusing on the listed companies and private enterprises.
    About United Water Corporation
    United Water owns and operates water supply and wastewater treatment facilities and also provides engineering services related to water supply infrastructure and industrial wastewater pretreatment facilities. United Water is committed to bringing benefits to governments, investors, employees and customers by applying the best of Chinese and international approaches to providing quality water services and at the same time protecting the precious resources. United Water has a management team with significant working experience in multinational organizations and China’s water industry. In each project United Water seeks to build its depth of management resource by identifying ambitious and talented individuals within the local management team and giving them appropriate positions to develop their potentials. For more information, please visit www.roklq.com.


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