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    The United Water Making Every Effort to Repay the Community
    time:2019-12-20 11:37:36

    The United Water Making Every Effort to Repay the Community

    - United Water Group Takes Active Part in the "Donation Program for Water Protection by County Sages" in Suqian


     “Every little stream has its source, and every great tree has its roots.”

    On the afternoon of December 10, 2019, Suqian was filled with love. “The Launching Ceremony for the County Sage Activity Day and the Consultation with County Sages for People in 2019" was solemnly held in the studio of Suqian Broadcast & Television Station. Zhang Aijun, Secretary of Municipal party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress of Suqian, and Wang Yi, Chairman of Municipal CPPCC and Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group attended this event. Mr. Yu Weijing, Chairman and President of United Water Group, the parent company of United Water (Suqian) Co., Ltd. made an appearance on invitation, and donated RMB 250,000 for personal accident insurance for front-line county sages for water protection on behalf of the Group, thereby providing a guarantee full of love for personal safety of the county sages for water protection. This act of righteousness brought about a strong social response and was extensively praised by the government and all walks of life. The media agencies of Suqian conducted intensive interview reports to develop and expand the corporate feedback spirit of United Water Group in its support for public welfare establishments and pleasure in repaying the society, and to spread positive energy, thereby bringing rule of virtue and good governance into play.

     (Picture 1: Mr. Yu Weijing, Chairman and President of United Water Group donating RMB 250,000 on site)


    (Picture 2: Mr. Yu Weijing, Chairman and President of United Water Group being interviewed by the media)

    With United Water (Suqian) Co., Ltd. as its starting point, United Water Group has get rooted in Suqian and swiftly turned into an all-around water investment and operation group over the past fifteen years. Its business scope covers the investment, construction and operations management in areas of raw water, water supply, sewage treatment, reuse of reclaimed water, water environment and river water quality management etc. The Group has taken over the water supply project of Suqian, Jiangsu Province since 2004, it has been doing solid work and actively shouldering responsibilities; the business territory of the Group has extended towards every part of China from the regions south of the Yangtze River to the "bright pearls" north of the Great Wall, including East China, Central China, South China, the Central Plains, Northwest China, etc. The Groups runs 22 companies with a gross treatment capacity of over 2.52 million tons/day in 15 cities in 9 provinces. In September 2019, the Group successfully signed the contract for the PPP project for development of water supply and distribution facilities in New Town Purbachal of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. It is a great-leap-forward development for the Group.

    Not the hometown, but almost one. United Water Group forged ahead with determination. After making some achievements, the Group is grateful for the source of benefit and always keeps in mind that "even a tree of a thousand feet in height does not forget its roots". While taking pains to provide citizens with excellent water supply service, the Group actively shoulders social responsibilities, using its self-raised fund to finish the people-benefit project of connection of regional water supply to all villages and households so that the rural residents of nineteen townships share "the same source, network, quality and service" with urban residents. The ordinary people have realized their years-long dream that safe and high-quality tap water is available. In addition, the Company has been actively devoted to volunteer service activities of helping those in distress and difficulties. The Suqian Company has regularly organized blood donation since 2007. By 2019, the cumulative blood donation exceeded 220,000 cc, which is expected to save more than 1,500 people. Furthermore, the Company frequently participated in all manner of initiatives of disaster relief, support for elderly, help for the disabled, help for students with difficulties, social environmental protection and building, etc. with donated money and goods amounting to over RMB 3 million.

    The Report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China brought forward the implementation of rural revitalization strategy. It's important to cultivate the "new county sage" culture with local characteristics and spirit of the time, and actively guide and give play to new county sages' positive role in rural revitalization, especially in rural governance. Suqian City launched the initiative "County Sages Protecting Uncontaminated Water in Suqian" in 2018, calling and mobilizing county sages to serve as volunteer water guards for enhanced management and protection of creeks, ponds, trenches, ditches, and small reservoirs (collectively called "the five small kinds of waters"). Based on its industrial advantages, the Group upholds the "county sages" spirit, incorporates corporate culture, leads all of its employees to bath in the "Light of Humanities" of county sages, promotes the harmonious building of society, and raises the cause of water protection and the environmental management and utilization in Suqian to a new level.

    The United Water makes every effort to repay the community. The United Water Group will shoulder the great mission of water supply to residents; keep in mind the promotion of the new fashion of the times; put contributions to the society and the fulfillment of social responsibility into practice, thereby assist in the great economic and social development of the "strong, wealthy, beautiful and superior" Suqian.


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